The production base of the garment factory includes

  • Design shop
  • Experimental Design Center
  • Experimental laboratory
  • Cutting and sewing production, equipped with high-performance equipment
  • Machine and hand embroidery workshop
  • Department of Technical Control
  • Warehouse of materials, fittings and semi-finished products ·         Finished goods warehouse
  • Training department for the organization of the process of continuous training of attendants

Производственная база швейной фабрики включает:

All production processes of our factory, from the delivery of fabrics and accessories to the shops are fully automated and constantly improved, fully meeting the requirements of European standards. All equipment used in production is the latest Juki brand and equipment of other excellent leading companies, from Japan and Germany, which ensures high quality of products. The modern equipment employs qualified specialists.
Absolutely every SAMO product undergoes strict quality control, which is the key to success for any collection being produced. The main components of the company’s work concept are orientation to all segments of the population, a wide range of products, high quality and reasonable prices.